LOAD516-11 Crunching The Numbers

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Welcome to LOAD516 Day 11!

How are you doing so far? There have been so many lovely layouts in the gallery, so I’m thinking you guys are rocking it!

Today I am back as the Featured Scrapper with a prompt about how much things cost. Since I give a pretty good explanation at the beginning of my video, I think I’ll just get right to it!

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LOAD516 – My first Week’s Efforts

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In case you’re not aware, I’m participating in LOAD this month. In fact, I’m one of Alice’s Featured Scrappers! Very exciting!!

I’ve already completed my layouts with the prompts I received in advance (and have scheduled those posts to be released on the right days), but I have been trying to also play along each day. So far I’ve completed 5 (and a half) layouts – not a perfect score but sometimes even fun events like LOAD need to take a back seat to real life. I know, I know! Real life! Whose brilliant idea was that anyway?

Want to see what I’ve made so far this month?

Like you have a choice! LOL!

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LOAD516 – Let’s Get This Party Started!

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Welcome to LOAD516!

It’s day number one and I am so excited to be the first Feature Scrapper of the month. Big shout out to Alice, our hostess with the mostess, Go To Gal Kelli, and all the rest of the Featured Scrappers. I know we are going to miss Lain but I also know that she has left us in such capable hands. Alice has awesome plans up her sleeves!!

So let’s get to it.

Today’s prompt was a lot of fun for me to tackle. I even made a cut file on my Silhouette for the occasion. You can see it and my layout come together in this video.

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Getting Ready to LOAD up!

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This is traditionally my day to write a Words on Wednesday post so I decided to take this opportunity to tell you all about my experience with LOAD.

What is LOAD?

LOAD is short for LayOut A Day and is a month long challenge in which the participants are emailed a daily prompt designed to help them create a new scrapbook layout every day. My first LOAD was May 2011 and I completed nine layouts. That probably doesn’t seem like a lot when it’s a challenge spanning 31 days (and 31 prompts) but considering I had three kids under the age of 6 in the house AND my husband and I got to go away for a whole week by ourselves, I’d say that was pretty good!

My next LOAD was in February 2012 and this time I finished 28 layouts. It was a leap year which means I missed one day somewhere but I think 28 out of 29 is pretty darn good! Here’s a look at my finished pile. Continue reading »

LOAD28 - Subway Lunch by Alison Day Designs

LOAD216 Days 27 – 29 Round Up Plus a Recap of the Month

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Something a tiny bit different for this week’s round up of my LOAD216 layouts. I filmed them! The idea came from seeing Paige Evans’s layouts from 2015 (wow! what an amazing artist!! Honestly, if you want to be blown away you have to watch this video!)

And before we get to MY video, here are the last three layouts of the month.

Day 27 – Peeking Out

LOAD27 - Peeking Out by Alison Day Designs

This was our last geography prompt so I pulled out another map paper (this one is Jillibean Soup) and got to work. I must say, I was a bit surprised that I had so many map themed papers in my stash! Guess I love to travel or wish I could do it more often! Continue reading »

Reflections on LOAD216

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Words on Wednesday

You know that feeling after you complete a project, or cross the finish line at a race you’ve been training for? It’s a combination of elation, fatigue, and grief. That’s how I’m feeling right now.

I spent all of February participating in LOAD216 and now I’m not quite sure what to do next. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things I need to do! Laundry, dishes, that pesky thing called “find a job so we can eat next month” … the list is extensive. But creatively I am blocked.

What the heck is LOAD216?

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LOAD26 - So This is What 12 Looks Like by Alison Day Designs

LOAD216 – Days 20 – 26 Roundup

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Another week of LOAD (LayOut A Day) is under my belt! Counting today, there are only three days left! I am kind of in awe that I have managed to keep up and have not only created a layout every day for the month of February, but also told some pretty fantastic stories! That’s what I think I love about LOAD the most. The prompts push me to scrap stories from a different view point than I would normally have thought of. Or, they prompt me to tell stories I never thought I had to tell!

This is Lain’s last LOAD but I know our new leader, Alice, is already drumming up some great ideas for LOAD516 this May. If you want in be sure to subscribe to my email list. I’ll let everyone know when sign up starts.

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