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Want to See What a Finished Album Looks Like?

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Happy Saturday everyone!

I am so excited to share this with you. A finished scrapbook album!

Say what?!

I know, it’s a mythological creature for sure (at least it is in my house) but I swear to you they actually exist. And I have the proof right here in this video!

I promised photos of the previously unshared pages and links to ones I’d already shared. Well, as it turns out, I didn’t share too many! So here are all the pages in the order they appear in the album. Enjoy! Continue reading »


Canada Day Cut File Fun

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Happy Saturday!

Hey, it’s still Saturday where I live for a whole … two and a half hours! It’s been a busy but fun day for us. House cleaning chores in the morning (with amazingly few arguments), then got to watch my eldest play field hockey in a tournament, then got to Find Dory with my brother and his family. I’d say that’s a good enough excuse for posting late, wouldn’t you?

Tomorrow we are hosting a birthday party for my father-in-law and I think the weather will cooperate enough for me to barbeque. I love summer for that. The kids may have two and a bit more days of school (dismissal at 10:30 on Wednesday, say what?!) but it already feels like summer. How about where you are? Are you already in full summer mode?

Thinking of summer got me looking at the calendar and counting the days til certain holidays. The first big party of the season is Canada Day which falls on a Friday this year. To me that screams “family barbeque”! I love getting together with family and friends for Canada Day. Last year we didn’t but still had a fun day. And the weather was amazing! I made a layout featuring a couple photos from the day and I think it’s a good time to share it with you. Oh, and I’ve added the cut file at the end of the post as a little early Canada Day present. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Taking a Look Back at LOAD516

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LOAD516 class image

Happy Saturday everyone!

What’s on your crafting table today? It’s raining where I live and I’ve managed to get rid of two kids plus my husband for most of the day so besides the Father’s Day card that’s half finished, I am finally ready to share the layouts I created during last months LOAD challenge.

I know, I know, LOAD has been over for weeks but hey … every now and then, life gets in the way of crafting around here. Gasp!

Instead of a physical flip through of my layouts, I went with a slideshow – enjoy! Continue reading »

Your Name is Special - a Pocket Page by Alison Day Designs

Making Progress with a Pocket Page

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Happy Saturday Crafters!

What are you working on this weekend? I thought we had a “free” day – you know, one of those rares day with no field hockey, soccer, or birthday parties to attend – but it turns out the girls and I are heading to watch their best friends’ dance show. Not a hardship, I assure you! I’ll take dance over soccer any day! And the hubs is happy too. He gets to stay home and watch World Cup (or whatever competition is currently going on in France at the moment) in peace and quiet!

Before that happens though, since everyone is home for most of the day and clearly will be looking for things to do … it’s time to tackle some neglected chores.


I may sneak into my Scrap Cave in between chores though. I’ve got a bug in my bonnet to get my youngest daughter’s First Year Album finished! Last night I worked on it and got a few more layouts completed. I’ll share them in the coming weeks but for today I’ve got an update on a previous post. I made the 6×12″ pocket page I talked about in the video. I don’t make pocket pages very often and making this one reminded me why. Some people find them faster to put together than a traditional 12×12″ layout but for me, they take WAY longer. Not sure why. I think I get bogged down in trying to make each pocket a thing of beauty. I need to get better at embracing the “stick it in a pocket and go” philosophy! Continue reading »

Tickleberries 12x12 layout by Alison Day

Summer Publication

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I am published! CSM Summer16 Did you hear the news? I had several projects published in the Summer edition of Creative Scrapbooker Magazine! This is the second time I’ve had layouts picked up for publication with them and it is such a thrill! Flipping through and seeing your own work in a magazine that is on the shelf at the grocery store is an amazing experience.

Want to see my projects?

Like you have a choice!

In order of appearance in the magazine they are … Continue reading »


Maintaining Continuity When a Project Drags On

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Happy Saturday everyone!

It’s the weekend … finally! I’m not sure what that signifies in your house, but around here it means chores, birthday parties, field hockey, soccer, more field hockey, and hopefully, some crafty me-time. I’m lucky that I can get into my Scrap Cave whenever I want during the week as I am home with the kids right now. I am working strictly from my stash though as the budget doesn’t allow new purchases. This can create different challenges and today I’d like to share one solution to prevent burn out.

This post is also about how to keep things interesting and feeling fresh when you’re working on a project over a significant length of time.

These two challenges came together recently as I was working on my youngest daughter’s First Year album. I explain what I mean by that pretty well in my video introduction so let’s get right to it.

Here is my completed layout. Continue reading »


LOAD516-24 – Gather All The Pretty Papers!

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to Day 24 of LOAD516!

My humble apologies for this post not going live with prompt. I was confused and thought I was up tomorrow! Oops!

I completely blame my insanely busy weekend! When you are as old as I am you should just know that you can’t possibly hope to function on 4.5 hours sleep!! It messes you up for days!

But, moving on …

Today’s prompt was about what makes you feel confident or courageous and I freely admit, if I feel like I look like a million bucks, then I can act like it too! Here’s my process video in which I explain that a whole lot better and show you how I gathered all my favourite and pretty things to make my layout.

And the finished layout. Continue reading »