Pinspiration Friday

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One of my favourite posts as a Designer for Practical Scrappers is when we are asked to create something inspired by a pin we saw on Pinterest. Today we’ve got some great Fall ideas for you from our boards.

I went about this a bit backwards this time. I knew what I wanted to make so went looking for how I should make it. Usually I just surf Pinterest til the inspiration light bulb goes off! I found a number of images and took inspiration from all of them. Instead of showing you my inspiration pin, I’ve got an inspirational collage for you today. Just click on the image to be taken to my Pinterest Board.

Pinterest Inspiration for Practical Scrappers

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Something Fun for my Scrap Room

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One of the projects I did last week allowed me to get my hands messy – more than usual that is! A long time ago I purchased a couple of simple wooded initials from Michael’s with the intention of covering them with paper and hanging them in my scrap room. But they have languished in a plastic bag … until last week!

I forgot to take a picture of what it looked like initially (pun intended!!) but just try to picture it as a plain wooden letter A with a white painted finish.

Got that image in your head?

Great, because NOW it looks like this …

There are two layers of paper on this but you can only see the top layer. When I first started I was kind of just playing so really didn’t know where things would end up. I figured a base of some First Edition Specialty  DSP would be a good base to build on. Then I ended up covering it all up with one of the patterns from Comfort Cafe DSP. The sides still show the First Edition paper – under the ribbon. 

As decoration I cut out lots of butterflies using my Beautiful Butterflies Die for the Bigshot. The antennae are made out of a small piece of black floss (from my stash) hot glued into place. A couple of rhinestones finish them off.
The sentiments are by Ali Edwards for Technique Tuesday.

I used phrases that match my crafting philosophy.

A word about the ribbon. The dark orange colour in the paper is Cajun Craze – a wonderful deep brownish-orange (a close match to my wall colour – see below) but I did not have any ribbon in this colour. What’s a perfectionist girl to do? Take some simple white grosgrain ribbon from her stash and rub it all over with Cajun Craze ink of course! Note to self: wait several hours before tying and gluing it down so the ink has sufficient time to dry!!

Here it is on my wall. A temporary position to be sure but I love how it compliments the paint colour. I have many ideas percolating on how I can change my Scrap room/Office around so once that happens I’ll move it to a more prominent spot and show you pictures.
Here are your links for Stampin’ Up! products used on today’s project:

What’s new?

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Wow! Has it really been a month since I posted?! I’ve been busy with other projects – kids, Holiday Season activities, non-Stampin’ Up! projects (gasp!) – and kind of forgot to keep everyone updated. My apologies!

So … how’s everyone doing? Ready for Christmas? We are mostly there. The girls and I are heading to Richmond Centre today to visit Santa and collect trading cards from his elves. They have a fantastic program over there that has completed enchanted my girls so every year it has become tradition to “Elf Hunt” (i.e. collect as many trading cards as we can!)

I’ve been busy crafting some Christmas decorations – check them out.

On the Stampin’ Up! front, they are having a HUGE Clearance sale right now that you have very much got to check out. Clicking on the link above takes you to an info page on my SU site. From there you can go to the Products – Shop Now tab and browse the on-line store. The products on sale are discontinued items and old-stlye punches but the prices are amazing! Oh and while we’re on the subject of discontinued items, I just heard that they will NOT be continuing the Stocking Builder Punch so if you were thinking of getting one, I’d snap it up now before stock runs out. It’s pretty versatile – stockings (obviously) but I’ve seen it turned into baby booties, sweaters, hobby horses, and check out this cute Canucks Card.

I’ve been busy updating my Class Calendar on my site too – check it out here. Join me on January 5th as we make a mini album documenting our Christmas memories. I’ll be holding an Open House on January 7th to show off the new Occasions Mini and Sale-a-bration Catalogues. And on January 20th is the Inaugural Stamp Club class – we’ll be playing with emboss resist techniques. As soon as I’ve got samples to show you I will!!

That’s all my kids will allow me to post right now (sigh). Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. Can’t wait to see what 2012 holds in store for me and Stampin’ Up!

Miss my posts!

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I have been insanely busy this week and really miss posting my thoughts. It’s cathartic somehow! We are throwing our 3rd Annual Christmas Open House here tomorrow and I’ve been in panic mode all week trying to get the house cleaned, decluttered and decorated in time. Right now I’m totally procrastinating!! I’ve got a load of LC’s laundry sitting next to me waiting to be folded, a load of the girls laundry waiting to be unloaded from the dryer and a load of our laundry wating to go INTO the dryer. Plus about 3 loads waiting their turn on the floor of the laundry room to be cleaned. Sigh. When will someone invent self-cleaning, self-ironing, self-folding clothes?!

So what’s been happening lately …
The girls have been loving the Advent Calendar and I think have got over their disappointment that every day’s box doesn’t contain chocolates. We’ve done some fun things like make shortbread …

… make sugar cookies …

(as you can see, the Quality Assurance Test was a success!)

… and make a sign for the back of the calendar.

I decided to put the girls’ hand prints onto the back to commemorate them as they are now so years from now we’ll remember just how little they once were. Sometimes that’s hard to remember, especially when I have to buy them new winter boots and they look so BIG!! I swear, Marley’s looked big enough to fit me!!! Sigh.

As much as I want time to speed up so they can be more independent (and less reliant on me for every little thing!) it really sucks that time goes by so fast. Just yesterday Marley was starting preschool and now Paige is earing those clothes!! LC is crawling! Yup, you heard it here first. She started truly crawling yesterday. Our life as we knew it is over!!!

Well, I must stop procrastinating and get back to work. Enjoy the photos. I’ve had to dismantle my scrap room and turn it back into it’s original purpose – ie. the dining room! – for the party so there will be no scrapping posts from me for awhile. Bummer. I miss my paper already!! I’ve really got to find a better place to set up. Maybe my bedroom?

Well, when I started this post it was around 2:00 in the afternoon … it’s now 10:30PM. I’ve folded laundry, cleaned, decorated, fed children, wrapped presents, and had an enjoyable evening at my brothers. I’m wiped so I’m heading to bed as soon as I hit “Publish Post”. I got to give one of my Aunts her Christmas gift tonight and I did remember to take pictures of it beforehand to post later. She is heading to Glasgow tomorrow to spend Christmas with my other Aunt so I will not post the pics until after Christmas. Just in case she reads this! Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise!! My Aunt really liked the gift and my sister-in-law couldn’t believe I made it so I think it’s pretty good! Kind of funny, ‘cus it took me no time at all to do! Lol!!

Today I am thankful for …
… girls who realize that a heartfelt apology goes much farther than a pouting fit …
… baby smiles …
… family.

Good night all!

The Advent Calendar … finally!

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As promised, here are pics of the Advent calendar I’ve been working hard on for the past couple weeks. It didn’t start off as a Challenge entry but BASB is having a challenge that fits it so I’m going to enter it.
What the heck, eh?!
 Marley and Paige watched the creation of the boxes but I hid everything away once I was ready to add the numbers and the embellishments. It was driving them crazy wondering what I was making but the reaction this morning was worth it. They love it! I think it turned out pretty well too. There are still some kinks to work out and I’m sure over the years (because I do plan to use it FOREVER!!) I’ll be fixing it and tweeking it as needed.

Here are close ups of the drawer embellishments. I managed to find a pack of Christmas paper so big that each drawer has a unique paper pattern. No repeats! Some of the “handles” are hotglued on (they are all buttons on top of buttons) and some are glued on with big fat glue dots. We’ll see which method survives the longest!!

And here are a couple close ups of the contents. Not all have chocolate in them because I wanted this to be about more than just a candy grab for the girls. So below is a drawer that has letter shaped postits (P for Paige and M for Marley!)
And finally, here are some pictures of Marley opening the first drawer and the calendar in situ beside the other two cheapo calendars that Greg bought before I had a chance to tell him about my project plans. The girls are going to be flying high every day this month!! Sigh!
PS – I just have to add that today I am VERY thankful for sunshine! November here was pretty dreary and rainy but December is starting off with sunshine and crispness and I love it! I got to walk not only Marley to kindergarten but Paige to preschool too. So very thankful!

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