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A Sewing and Fabric Challenge

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#the20project with Alison Day Designs Welcome back to my version of The 20 Project.

To find out more about The 20 Project please visit Shimelle Laine’s blog. This is her concept that I am using as inspiration to get my own projects finished while challenging myself along the way. Shaking up the ordinary processes. Working out the cobwebs. Rediscovering old products. It is all going to happen during this project!

Today the jar prompted me to use fabric on a layout – something I’ve done in the past, but I’ve still got a fairly substantual stash to get through so clearly I need to remember to use it more often.

Take a look at how things came together.

Prompt #2 – Use Fabric On a Layout

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Double Sided Layout - Side 1 - Coach Daddy by Alison Day Designs

Using Both Sides of Your Paper

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Make it Monday - pinkI know, I know, it’s Tuesday now …  I swear I started this post with the intention of it going live yesterday. But … yesterday was one of those days where nothing seemed to work. As you will see in the video below, even my ability to glue paper to other pieces of paper escaped me yesterday. I think it was the Leap Day. My brain just knew that day wasn’t supposed to be there and threw a fit!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

The idea for this blog post came to me over a month ago. I was watching some older Shimelle Laine Sketch to Scrapbook videos and one in particular made me sit up straight and take notice. It also made me bookmark the video, the corresponding blog post, and a piece of acetate for me to try out her idea with.

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Once Upon a Time We Learned a new Word by Alison Day Designs

LOAD216 – Days 1 – 5 Roundup

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There are so many different challenges out there designed to encourage you to get into good habits. Have you tried any of them?

But the original (for me anyway) is the LOAD challenge!

Create a scrapbook layout every day for a month. And it’s happening right now!

I have participated in so many over the years. Even if I don’t always make a layout every day, I still love making what I can, seeing how Lain’s prompts get me to look at my stories in a different way, and stretching my style with new techniques. I’m excited to be up to date so far this time!

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On Two Wheels by Alison Day Designs

Painting to Match

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Good Saturday morning to you all! Hope you have fun plans for today. It is a long weekend here in Canada, AND the last weekend before the girls go back to school.

(insert happy dance here)

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight we are heading over to friends for dinner – mostly so the girls can drool over their new puppy – and this afternoon we may hit a food truck festival. Other than that though, we are just going to soak up every remaining minute of the summer!

I have one last layout to share in my Wood Veneer Stash Busting Challenge. In case you missed them, Part I is here and Part II is here. You can also see how I incorporated extra wood veneer embellishments onto my already finished layouts from my August Gossamer Blue kits here.

For Part III I decided to try adding colour to some wood veneer pieces.

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Wood Veneer Overwhelm!

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Do you have a particular crafting supply that you seem to collect without even knowing? Suddenly you turn around and find 15 6×6 paper pads, or 20 packages of enamel dots, or set after set of wood veneer pieces.

Personally, I believe that one can never have too many enamel dots!

Wood veneer on the other hand … well, that’s the subject of today’s post.

What’s a girl to do when she’s got too much stuff?!

I recently cleaned out my scrap room, went through every single item in it, and have only returned those items to it that I feel I will use. Really, honest to goodness, put on a card, layout or other paper crafting project. It was incredibly tough to look at a piece of gorgeous patterned paper and say, “no, I’m never going to use this, it’s really not my style anymore, good bye”.

This sort and purge even extended to my Gossamer Blue kit stash. You may or may not have picked up by now that I love my Gossamer Blue kits. I love them so much that until just recently, I’ve kept them all separate from my regular stash. When creating with a new kit, I would go to this stash first if I needed something that the newest kit didn’t contain. As I sorted them I came to the (stupidly hard) decision to put whatever full sheets of patterned paper and card stock were in there into my paper racks with my “regular stash”. I’ve still got my paper scraps separate … for now. We’ll see how long that lasts!

When I went through the embellishments drawer though, I discovered this.

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