Embracing My Inner Mermaid

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Happy Saturday!

Well, how’s everyone feeling after the first week back into the new/old routine? We are surprisingly unscathed! The teenager is happy with all her classes and teachers for Grade 9, and announced that she forgot how much her brain loves to learn so now she’s determined to take summer school classes from now on just to keep her brain happy. Um … okay? The younger two have yet to be assigned their “forever classes” as the new principal put it. Seriously? How long does it take to tell the student body what the teachers have known since June?!

Apparently a week, as we find out on Monday.

But I digress … I took advantage of a quiet house this week to play with my September card kit from Simon Says Stamp. If you missed it I filmed my unboxing for you here. As you can see it is heavy on product of a mermaid persuasion! I dove right in and created these three cards. Continue reading »

New Month, New Kit

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Hello everyone and welcome to September! I just sent my two youngest off for their first day back at school so it seems a perfect time to write a quick post. I’m not entirely sure where August went. Anyone else feel like that? I took a look at my last post and see it was almost a month ago! Yikes! September always feels like a new beginning for me so I’m determined to get back on track with regular posts here. Hold me to it, okay?

When I last posted I’d just opened up my August card kit from Simon Says Stamp and made a couple of cards with it. Today I’d like to share the other cards I made with this kit and then make a confession.

First up, Card #3 – a birthday card for a dear Aunt.

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10 Cards 1 Kit – July 2018 Simon Says Stamp Card Kit – Part 1

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Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week! And a blog post … gasp!

How has your summer been going? Mine has been flying by. A lot of that has to do with having a new job and, once again, trying to find my new routine that allows crafting as well as all the other tasks a mother/wife/entrepreneur is expected to complete in a day. Crafting has taken a back seat. Not my first choice but … reality is, sometimes feeding the children really IS more important than creating a new card or layout. Go figure!

It’s also been about a million degrees out! By West Coast Canadian terms that means high 20’s – low 30’s Celsius. Not Phoenix or LA hot, but … when there’s no A/C .. it may as well be! My little Scrap Cave has a window and I did get my blinds back up so the heat is cut down a lot but even so, it’s WAY too hot in here to be spending hours filming and editing process videos. Sorry! I’ve put about 4 hours in here today and I need to spend some quality time in front of our large fan in the living room soon! I’m just about cooked!!

My efforts and sweaty back are your gain. I’ve got the first part of my version of the ever popular 10 Cards 1 Kit type posts. I am using the July 2018 card kit from Simon Says Stamp and if you missed my reveal video, here it is. Continue reading »

Such an Honour

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If you have been wondering where I’ve been this past week and a bit, I’ve been working on a couple of ventures. Both quite personal but for very different reasons.

The first is a change to my employment status … I got a job! It’s pretty exciting as it manages to combine the needs of both my husband and I. Regular hours and pay to ease his mind, and the start of my own design business with calls to clients and a completely flexible schedule that will work around our family. Exactly what I wanted! I’m still working on a lot of the back end details, once those are in place I’ll share with you. 🙂

The other project that has preoccupied both my mind and my Scrap Cave, is the subject of this post.

I was commissioned to make some extra special cards for a friend. I will not be sharing the specifics of the end recipient as I do not feel it is my story to share. Just know that this woman is fighting a fight none of us would wish on our worst enemy. Continue reading »