Baby Album Philosophy

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. What are you up to today? Me? I’m hanging out at the girls school all day. My eldest daughter is in Grade 6 which is when they go to an overnight camp. Which also means their parents get to work their butts off raising money to reduce the out of pocket costs for each family. How is it that the parents have to do all the work?!


Anyway, long story short, I get to spend all day at the school taking delivery of a GIANT frozen pies and cookie dough order and then organizing them and handing them out. I predict a giant glass of wine will be needed after dinner!!

But I didn’t want to leave you hanging so today I just have a quick video share for you. It’s the next step in my album reorganization. It’s also a tiny bit embarrassing to show you how neglected my poor youngest daughter is (not at all really!! That child is spoiled!!)

My Baby Album philosophy changed drastically about three years ago. When I first started to put together one of these albums (back in 2009) it was for my eldest and I basically documented every little thing we did. I was new to scrapbooking and just in love with the process. I hadn’t really developed any sort of over arching philosophy about my albums and was very much in the “scrap everything chronologically until you’re caught up” mentality. I think we all know where that craziness leads! Repeat after me: I WILL NEVER BE CAUGHT UP SO WHY STRESS OUT ABOUT IT!

Her “First Year Album” very quickly became two 12×12 post bound albums that were full to bursting. In fact, I think one of them did burst! As I was creating the album for our second daughter I ran into the problem of which stories were hers alone and which were family stories. For example, her first trip to the PNE. Was that just about her? Not really as her big sister was two and therefore a lot more “into” the PNE than the 4.5 month old! More of the photos from that day were about things she was doing. So … I had to re-evaluate how I was going to document things going forward.

My solution was to create an album that is all about her development in that first year. Birth story, monthly weight and height check ins and then first birthday. No stories about the PNE or Easter Egg Hunts (the day after she was born), or Christmas with the grandparents. All those stories and the other cute firsts can go into her Life Story albums – first bath, first hair cut, first food, etc. These 12×12 post bound albums are going to be more simple recaps. I managed to mostly stick to this with my middle daughter’s album. Just needs a bit of tweaking. My eldests needs to be completely redone and my youngest … yeah. What is it they say about the third child? Sad but true!

Even though the content of the albums are going to be basic, doesn’t mean the layouts themselves are going to be simple. They can be as fancy or basic as I decide to make them! But I do plan to use similar products to keep a cohesive feel to the story as a whole. Just like with my Disneyland album, I’ve set aside certain papers that I’ve already used on many pages about my girls as babies and will continue to use for the rest of the albums. I’ll post a video to my Facebook page showing some of the supplies I’ve set aside already so watch for that later today. After the whole pie and cookie dough thing though!

Okay, that’s all for now. Have a great Wednesday everyone! Wish us luck!!

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