5 on Friday – March 25th

Welcome to another installment of 5 on Friday!
This week has been busy around here and we’re not done yet! The older girls are on Spring Break. While I am enjoying the relaxing mornings without the usual rush out the door to get to school, I have found myself scrambling to find things to keep Marley and Paige busy. Marley has had a couple playdates but Paige hasn’t yet. Hopefully next week I can arrange something for her!

Before I ramble on too long, let’s get to my 5 for this week.

1. LC turned 2

I know I already posted on her birthday but here are a couple more pictures of her on that day. These are of her and her cupcake! (We’re having family over on Sunday when I’ll bring out the big cake but I wanted something small on her actual birthday too!)

She ended up eating the icing and sprinkles only. Typical!
2. Maui Album
It’s done!!! Yay!!! Here are a few shots, for the entire album please check out the movie on my side bar (assuming I can get it to post etc).
The cover page. Now I’m really wishing I’d used the self-timer so I could have been in the picture. Looking back through all the pictures from the trip I noticed that we never got one of all 7 of us. Too bad! Next time!!

One of the pre-Cricut layouts. I did have my Cuttlebug though so was able to do some fun things with it. The palm tree I found at a scrapbooking store.

This layout has a hidden journalling tag.

A post-Cricut layout. Greg and I took LC on a day trip to Pai’a and up the volcano to the winery. This layout is from the beaches at Pai’a where we marvelled at the big surf. Our local beach was a calm lake in comparison!

Another post-Cricut layout. The close ups below are of all the flowers and leaves I cut out for the New Dresses page.
I counted and I did exactly half of this album pre-Cricut and the other half post-Cricut. How fun! Again I’d like to give a huge shout-out to my friend Jenn for loaning me her Cricut cartidges while she’s in France. I had so much fun using them to decorate my pages. And having them both forced me to finish the album and inspired me to finish the album. Awesome!


3. Sea Monkeys
Marley was given Sea Monkeys for her birthday from her cousins Matthew, Sophie and Sadie. At first I was skeptical (and a little flabbergasted that they still made them!) but Marley was thrilled. She finally has a pet!! Joy! It took awhile for them to hatch and then you could barely see them but we were checking in on them this morning and lo and behold, they are growing! Check it out!
Okay, so I’m not sure you can see them in this picture. Those little white floaty things are the Sea Monkeys. They wouldn’t really hold still for the camera! LOL!

Marley did feel the need to make some bunny ears though!
4. Bar Keepers Friend
This is another one of those gifts that I received with extreme skepticism but I am officially eating my words. Well, thoughts actually! This stuff rocks! Thanks Mom Day!!
I used it to scrub all the pen/crayon/felt/pencil crayon off the girls’ craft table and it looks better than new! The wall and the chair will require something a little bit … um, harsher. Actually, the wall will just have to wait until we repaint! LC is one challenging kid at times!!
5. OLW Update
I have yet to write more tasks in my album but I am more or less on target with my organizational goals. I rejigged the girls’ craft area again and like it even better now. They have more room on their table to craft/colour/do homework since I moved their supplies onto the “bar area”. Yes, our house had one of those mirrored bar areas in the family room. Complete with scary glass shelves! Some day (after we win the lotto) I will take great joy in personally ripping it apart! Until then … we’ll find a use for it somehow!
But I digress, I was talking about my organizational efforts.
My plans to tackle the Master Bedroom this week fell short but as soon as I finish this posting I will be gathering boxes to start the mammoth task of going through all the girls’ toys and books. Keep, Toss, Donate/Sell! Those are going to be my boxes. Watch out world!!
Wish me luck!
Okay, that’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend everyone! Now that my Hawaii album is done I can finally turn my attention to Paige’s baby album (somthing she has been patiently waiting for me to start). First up this weekend though is to try and tackle some the Apron Strings Birthday party Challenges. I’ve been diligently writing them all down but not able to get to them.
But first … toys …
See ya!

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