10 Cards from 1 Kit – Part 2

Happy Saturday! How’s your weekend going so far? Any big plans?

Weekends around here are for field hockey games, spring league soccer games, and sometimes tournaments. You know, quiet, easy, lounge around in your pj’s til noon type days … wait …

We are definitely doing weekends all wrong!

There is a Spring Crop going on over on the Paper Issues Facebook group which I am hoping to take part in at some point. But we’ll just have to see if I’m “allowed” scrappy time! (Insert eye roll emoji here!)

In case you’re like me and have to live vicariously through others at the moment, here is the second part of my 10 Cards from 1 Kit project. If you missed Part I you can read all about it here. I am using my April kit from Simon Says Stamp so that I can go and pick up my May kit with a clear conscience! Here’s a look at how cards 6 – 10 came together.

Card #6 – Oxide Inks on Dark Card Stock

SSSApril2018kit - card #6 by Alison Day

When you’ve got all that lovely detail and colour on your card already, you don’t need to add much to it. That’s why I stopped with the one tiny sentiment strip. Anything else would have taken away from those gorgeous butterflies!

Card #7 – Getting a More Vibrant Colour with the Stencil

SSSApril2018kit - card #7 by Alison Day

I am much happier with how this stenciling came out compared to the one I did earlier. I still need to tweak my technique if I want to get nice crisp edges and see all that “stained glass” look in the butterflies. But honestly, I’d be perfectly happy to receive a card like this so I’m not going to sweat my inexperience with this particular technique!

Card #8 – Foiling over Embossing

SSSApril2018kit - card #8 by Alison Day

This was one of those “I wonder what would happen if …” type moments. I’ve never worked with foil before so this is all new to me. I think this is a perfectly acceptable way to get a pretty foiled look on your projects when you don’t own a fancy machine! Just make sure that a) the embossing is still HOT, and b) you are gentle with whatever you use to burnish the foil onto the hot embossing powder. The scratches I got were because I was a bit too rough with my bone folder. Not a deal breaker though!

Card #9 – Remember Your Other Tools

SSSApril2018kit - card #9 by Alison Day

When I feel creative fatigue from all the unfamiliar artsy techniques, it’s nice to go back to basics. For me that is the paper. Using one of my punches to closely mimic the shape of the stamps in the kit, without having to worry about inky fingers, is a win-win! I kind of wish I’d used a different ink colour for my stamping but I’m not going to panic. In a few days when I put this card away in my stash, I’ll take another look at it. If I feel it really needs a darker colour – especially for the sentiment – then I’ll do something about it. Otherwise, I’ll just leave it and move on.

Card #10 – Paper Layers Make Me Happy

SSSApril2018kit - card #10 by Alison Day

I’ll be honest, I love to layer papers together! The papers in this kit were not super conducive to layering though. They were all of a similar pattern (stripes of some sort) and either a solid colour or a rainbow pattern. I did not feel like they could be layered to my usual degree. Which is why I found myself focusing more on the stamps and inks in the kit. While never a bad idea to try new things, it sure is nice to play with something more familiar to wrap things up!

This one is quite similar to my last card from the first five I made – one single butterfly, a stamped trail, and one sentiment. Guess when I find a good think I stick with it!

Okay, that’s it for me today and for this kit. I’ve put everything that remains, away in my stash to be available to use on future projects. Now my desk is clear again and I can turn my attention to something new. Maybe May’s kit??

Be sure to check back next week to see the reveal of that kit.

Until then, have a great weekend!

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