Maintaining Continuity When a Project Drags On

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Happy Saturday everyone!

It’s the weekend … finally! I’m not sure what that signifies in your house, but around here it means chores, birthday parties, field hockey, soccer, more field hockey, and hopefully, some crafty me-time. I’m lucky that I can get into my Scrap Cave whenever I want during the week as I am home with the kids right now. I am working strictly from my stash though as the budget doesn’t allow new purchases. This can create different challenges and today I’d like to share one solution to prevent burn out.

This post is also about how to keep things interesting and feeling fresh when you’re working on a project over a significant length of time.

These two challenges came together recently as I was working on my youngest daughter’s First Year album. I explain what I mean by that pretty well in my video introduction so let’s get right to it.

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LOAD516-24 – Gather All The Pretty Papers!

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to Day 24 of LOAD516!

My humble apologies for this post not going live with prompt. I was confused and thought I was up tomorrow! Oops!

I completely blame my insanely busy weekend! When you are as old as I am you should just know that you can’t possibly hope to function on 4.5 hours sleep!! It messes you up for days!

But, moving on …

Today’s prompt was about what makes you feel confident or courageous and I freely admit, if I feel like I look like a million bucks, then I can act like it too! Here’s my process video in which I explain that a whole lot better and show you how I gathered all my favourite and pretty things to make my layout.

And the finished layout. Continue reading »

LOAD516-18 - Take a Seat by Alison Day

Stash Busting – Off-Cuts and Branding Strips

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If you’re a paper scrapbooker like me, then you probably have a love hate relationship with manufacturers. It’s great that they don’t take away from the gorgeous 12×12″ patterned paper by adding a bar code and other identifying marks onto the paper, and it’s fun that they are now starting to add a patterned strip on the opposite side to said bar code and branding, but … then what? What do you do with all those cute 1/4″ strips of paper?

I keep mine safely in a drawer “for future projects”. You know the type of drawer I’m talking about, right? The type where good intentions go to die?

Not anymore!

I’m here to show you how to break out all those strips and use them on a layout! In fact, use them to create the background of a layout. Take a look.

And here’s my finished layout. Continue reading »


LOAD516-16 – Odd Socks and Flying Monkeys

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to LOAD516 Day 16!

We are officially over the half-way point.  How are you doing? If you saw my post on Saturday then you know my answer to that question! But it is a brand new week. Onwards and upwards!!

Today’s prompt had me a bit stumped at first but I got it all sorted out eventually. I talk about it in the introduction to my process video so I’ll just let you watch that instead of prattling on about it here. Enjoy!

And here is my finished layout. Continue reading »

LOAD11 - Debut of Alpine Meadows by Alison Day Designs

LOAD516 – Week Two and the wheels came off the LOAD Train!

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LOAD516 class image

Well this week sucked as far as my LOADing went! Hope your week was better.

That’s the way it goes sometimes though. I’ll admit there were a couple of prompts that had me stumped but I know I don’t have to follow them so I have no excuse for not creating a layout. Other than life getting in the way. Darn it!

Here are my efforts for this week and I’ll be back soon to show some other layouts that I made during (Inter)National Scrapbook Day which was last Saturday.

Day 8 – WTF? (Where’s The Food?)

What were YOU thinking it meant??

LOAD8 - Live Laugh & Eat All the Macaroni! by Alison Day Designs

This was (Inter)National Scrapbook Day and I’d already created two layouts and a card so I was looking for a really simple design. I was in full “get ‘er done” mode! The prompt about food brought these funny pictures to mind of my girls inhaling two orders of macaroni and cheese and one order of french fries after a ski lesson. The only reason they got to eat the food from the cafeteria was because we had a massive credit at the mountain so they were taking full advantage of it!

LOAD8 - left hand side of layout

I used the Live and Laugh word stickers from a recently purchased Simple Stories sheet (Life in Color) and then complimented them with similar looking letter stickers I found in my stash. As an accent detail – and to pick up on the tiny touch of turquoise in the journaling card at the far right – I used some of the punctuation points from my American Crafts letter stickers I got with my Shimelle haul.

LOAD8 - right hand side of layout

I repeated the letter stickers and glitter accents in the bottom right corner to balance things out. The journaling runs across the bottom of the layout to mimic the title running across the top of the layout. The other stickers were from that same Simple Stories Life in Color sheet. Since I didn’t have an eighth photo, I used two 3×4 journaling cards to fill that gap. The sentiments seemed to fit well!

This double page came together very quickly and that’s what I needed at the time. It’s great to spend hours getting everything layered up just right, but sometimes you just need to slap down some photos, tell your story and add a few strips of paper so the page doesn’t feel too plain. Am I right?

Day 11 – Life is expensive, add it up!

I was the Featured Scrapper for this day – if you are interested in seeing the layout I made to inspire our LOADsters please click here.

LOAD11 - Debut of Alpine Meadows by Alison Day Designs

Part of the reason I got a side-tracked from LOAD this past week was kids activities (there were a few emotional issues too but we won’t go into those!) One of those kids activities was my middle daughter’s very first (and hopefully only but we’ll see) dance competition. She’s been taking ballet at the same school with the same teacher since she was 4. We made it abundantly clear from the get go that we were not a “dance family” but a “soccer family” so her dance career would be limited to one dance class a year and NO COMPETITIONS! Famous last words! This year, instead of getting ready for their RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) exams, they were preparing for a competition. And they did really well!

The actual competition for them was on Saturday the 7th at which they received a High Gold mark (each dancer/group was marked on their own efforts not against their competitors) and won the Adjudicators Outstanding Performance trophy.  We were thrilled and figured that was a pretty awesome achievement, end of story, right? How wrong we were! They were called back the following evening to participate in the Crystal Showdown Dance Off. Yes, pretty serious sounding! They did not win (but another group from our studio won the top prize of $500) but what an experience for my normally shy little girl!

LOAD11 - behind the program

I’m showing extra photos of this layout because of the pocket I created to store the program. Behind the program I put a photo of all the Dance Off competitors after the show, with the judges. I’m not worried about it not being seen as it’s superfluous to the story. The story is really about my daughter’s experience and that of her dance group, and those pictures ARE on the front.

LOAD11 - journaling inside the program

I punched out a label shape from the same patterned paper I’d used to mat the photos on the front and this became a tab in the program to show where her dance was listed. The page before this was one of advertising so I attached the journaling block to it.

LOAD11 - marked page with my daughter's dance listing

When you flip that page over you see my wrist band (yes, they forced us to PAY to watch our children compete – blood suckers!) leading down to her group’s listing.

Day 13 – How competitive are you?

LOAD 13 - Runs in the Family by Alison Day Designs

I’m not very competitive but others in our family are (cough, cough, husband wouldn’t even let me win at cribbage on our honeymoon, cough, cough!) So I decided to scrapbook about Reason #2 that the wheels came off the LOAD train this week – the District Track Meet. All day in the sunshine tends to leave me drained and not wanting to do anything other than chill on the couch!

I am working on a post for Make It Monday that uses this design of adding lots and lots of paper strips to your background card stock so look out for that – it will have a process video too if I can get some peace and quiet to finish filming it! It’s something I’ve seen on YouTube and since I have a fairly large collection of strips and off cuts I thought it would be fun to try out. This version is red, yellow and blue to match those bright yellow school jerseys (why, oh why couldn’t we have nice blue ones?)

But I digress … My husband was a track star in high school so of course his girls have to be too. :) Good thing for them they have inherited his speed genes! My eldest placed second in the 1200m and the 800m and her 4x100m relay team came in first thanks to her anchor leg. My middle daughter – who was experiencing this for the first time this year – placed third in the 4x100m relay and second in the 60m sprint. Both have qualified for Regionals which is this Thursday so I’m sure I’ll have more bright yellow jersey photos to scrapbook!

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Only three LOAD layouts this week feels like a pretty poor effort for me. But I will bounce back! Promise! I am the Featured Scrapper on Monday – guess I’ll have two posts that day – so see you then!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Helping Fort McMurray Victims

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Words on Wednesday

I’m  not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but I am Canadian.

Red, white and proud!

There are a lot of stereotypes about Canada that are hilarious because they’re mostly true – or so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh. One of those stereotypes, that no one in Canada is laughing about at the moment, is the image of a plaid clad lumber jack.

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LOAD516-11 Crunching The Numbers

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to LOAD516 Day 11!

How are you doing so far? There have been so many lovely layouts in the gallery, so I’m thinking you guys are rocking it!

Today I am back as the Featured Scrapper with a prompt about how much things cost. Since I give a pretty good explanation at the beginning of my video, I think I’ll just get right to it!

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