LOAD218-17 Diagon Alley Left side by Alison Day

Getting Over the Hump

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Now that February is more than half way finished it is becoming even more important to me to finish this month’s LOAD strong! I have a tendency to leave projects unfinished (gasp!) but I am determined not to let that happen.

So, without further ado, I give you Days 15 – 17 of LOAD218 and the next 4 layouts that are going into my Harry Potter Studio Tour album. Yes, I said 4 layouts not 3. You’ll see!

Day 15 – Wicked

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Well, the title says it all, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

How do you celebrate? I have long given up on the notion of being swept away with diamonds and champagne (and this year I’m fairly certain my husband commissioned our middle daughter to make a card for him to give me – um … say what?!) but the important part of my day is to show my love for my family. They are my forever Valentines after all!

Every year I try to make something for my girls. Some years I just have time to make them a card, but other years they wake up to something extra special. I’ve made Heart Shaped Photo Books (2011), fun Heart Shaped Toppers in a bucket of candy (2012), Heart Decor which busted my stash of Valentine’s Day embellishments (2014),  cute Mailboxes (2016), and more than I don’t have blog posts for.

This year I’m playing along with one of the February Challenges over at Paper Issues and making sure to use hearts on these super cute paper mugs full of candy! What girl doesn’t like receiving a bag of candy on Valentine’s Day, am I right?

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Easy Valentine’s Day Gift

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Do you remember when you were little and you had no money to buy presents for your Mum or Dad so you’d make them a coupon book? It usually had things in it like “clean my room”, “put away the dishes”, or “wash the car”. Well, I’ve got a fun project for you to make for your kids this Valentine’s Day that hearkens back to those books.

Valentine’s Day Coupons

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LOAD218-10 Keeping time by Alison Day

Going Strong With LayOut A Day

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I am so impressed with myself! I have managed to scrapbook one layout a day for every day in February so far!

Can I get a Woot! Woot!

Okay, I realize it’s only the 10th today but hey, considering my last few performances during LOAD I am kicking butt!

Oh yeah, and I have managed to film each layout coming together too. That’s what is really making me the happiest this time around.

So before I get too carried away with the self-congratulations, would you like to see what I’ve made since my last post?

Day 8 – @ The Hogwarts Express

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LOAD218-9 close up1 by Alison Day

LOAD218 Day9 Follow Your Own Path

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I am the featured designer today for LOAD218. So much fun!!

If you’re participating in LOAD then you’ve already seen this but if not, I thought I’d share the layout I created to inspire everyone.

LOAD218-9 A Magical Day to Remember

LOAD218-9 A Magical Day to Remember by Alison Day

The prompt is about following your own path and being a trailblazer. I couldn’t think of any way that I’ve been a trailblazer so my thoughts took me down the “wandering path” line. We took our kids to Edinburgh during our epic 3-ish week European tour last summer because a) it is such a beautiful and fun city that if you’re in Scotland it’s a must see, and b) I lived there for almost 2 years after university so I must breathe the air every time I’m in the country or my heart hurts!! While we were there my cousin’s girlfriend (now fiance – yay Kenny!) took us to all the different places where J.K. Rowling got inspiration for her Harry Potter series. My eldest was in heaven! My husband not so much, but who cares, right? LOL! Continue reading »

LOAD218-6 Our Butterbeer Adventures by Alison Day

LOAD218 Days 4 – 7

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Today I’ve got my next batch of LOAD218 layouts for you to see. Each one has a corresponding process video too.


Day 4 – Wandlore

Today’s adventure forced a deeper look at the story and I know I have told a different story than I would have because of how the prompt inspired me. It also meant pulling out my newest products. I don’t have anything from the newest collections that were just showcased at Creativation in Arizona last month, but my stash of Glitter Girl products is still new to me so I had fun pulling more of it out for this layout.

Since I’m showing all the close up photos in the video I’ll just leave you with the full layout. Continue reading »