80 Years Young by Alison Day

Diagonal Grid Design

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Do you ever find yourself in a creative rut? How do you get yourself out of it? Troll for ideas on Pinterest? Go for a walk? Clean and organize your supplies? Start in a different way than you would normally?

As a creative type, ruts can be so draining! You feel uninspired and it’s hard to want to go into your craft space to make new content.

I have been feeling in a bit of a rut lately. That all my layouts look the same. There are roughly a million different ways to break out of these types of slumps and I’m sure I’ve tried most of them! Today I want to share a layout that utilizes the idea of breaking your funk by doing something differently than you would normally. In my case, a more simple, streamlined layout than my typical pattern and layer-heavy ones.  Continue reading »

2 Hot 4 a Suit by Alison Day

New HOT Cut File from Amanda Robinson Studios

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Is it hot where you live right now? I know some of you may be “Down Under” and in the middle of winter, but up here on the West Coast of Canada we are enjoying a particularly hot summer. Not all our summers are this hot but when they are we make the most of it.

Today I’m sharing a layout using the latest FREE cut file from Amanda Robinson Studios all about a particularly hot spell last summer.

WARNING: there may be some naked baby bum shots!! :) Continue reading »

Alison Day's Surf's Up Kit - August 2014

Creating a Kit of My Own

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Have you heard of the Scrap Stash Kit Club? Margareta Carlsson has a fantastic site all about putting together kits from your stash using her inspiration as a starting point. Each month has a theme and she creates a mood board over on Pinterest to help you in creating your kit. She recently added a Facebook group into the mix too.

I’ve been happily watching the activity and inspiration from the sidelines but decided to jump in this month and create my own kit. It’s not like I don’t have enough stash for a year’s worth of kits or anything!! LOL! Continue reading »

#Modern Parenting by Alison Day

Using Pocket Page Cards on a Traditional Layout

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One of the biggest trends in the Scrapbook Industry at the moment is Pocket Page scrapping (i.e. Project Life and all it’s look-a-likes). I admire those that can keep up with an album about their daily life on a regular basis but I am not one of them. I do love the 3×4″ and 4×6″ journaling cards however, so finding a neat way to incorporate them into my traditional 12×12″ pages is a must if I am ever to whittle down my stash!!

Today I am sharing one such layout. Continue reading »