End of Another Year!

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This past Thursday was the end of another School Year for us.

Goodbye Grades 5, 3 and Kindergarten.

Hello Grades 6, 4 and 1!

This little cutie got to participate in the Grade 7 Graduation Assembly.


She gave a carnation to a Grade 7 student who in turn gave her a pencil. It is a sweet “passing of the baton” ceremony that we do. SOOOO much better than some trumped up Kindergarten “graduation” ceremony!

The last day of school meant saying goodbye and thank you to several teachers and – in good paper crafting fashion – I made cards for the occasion. Continue reading »

June 2015 Gossamer Blue Kits

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Check out what was in my Gossamer Blue box for June!

As always, any and all layouts made from this month’s kits will be posted to my Flickr Gallery.

I am heading off soon for a ScrapHappy Reunion in Scottsdale AZ (only a mild 43C right now – yikes!) and will be taking this kit plus some of my Gossamer Blue stash with me. Hopefully we get some scrapping done! LOL! I have heard talk of Prickly Pear Margaritas though so … anything could happen!


Show Your Colours

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Make it Monday - FebruaryWelcome to Make It Monday! Today we are sharing our love of our Countries! You may have arrived here from Gina’s site where she is sharing a perfect upcycled project that answered her need for a place to put canisters. Or this may be your first stop, either way I’m glad you are joining us on our Blog Circle today. Your next stop is linked at the bottom of this post.

My Home and Native Land is Canada. Home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Polar Bears, Beavers, Mosquitoes big enough to eat you, the Rockies, Maple Syrup, Poutine, Ice Hockey, … I could go on! I am a first generation Canadian, we immigrated in 1981 and haven’t looked back since. Well, that’s not totally true. I look back all the time – it’s important to know where you came from! I am proud to say that I am Canadian and I am equally proud to say that I am Scottish (British even – gasp!) I am proud that my children are Canadians. We are so very fortunate here.

Today I’d like to share some projects that I’ve made over the years to celebrate my Red and White Pride. Continue reading »

PB&J by Alison Day Designs

Using Up Those Off-Cut Strips

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Welcome back! Today I am sharing the last of the four layouts I made from my May 2015 Gossamer Blue Kits. I had a lot of fun with the kits I purchased and I still have a lot left but my June kit is here and calling to me to open it!

Today I am also sharing another inspiration starter from Shimelle Lain’s latest workshop – Ready, Set, Scrapbook. She is the undeniable Queen of creating layered layouts using seemingly non-matching scraps of paper. I love watching her put layouts together! Usually I am thinking “no, don’t put that there it doesn’t go!” But she always manages to bring everything together so in the end it looks like it belongs. Like any other choice would have been wrong! Genius!

This one is inspired by her use of branding strips and off cuts to create an L-shaped frame for a photo and story.

PB&J by Alison Day Designs Continue reading »

Field Trip by Alison Day Designs

Mixing Portrait and Landscape photos on One Layout

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Hello again. Happy Thursday!

Do you ever sit down to scrapbook and realize that the photos you want to use to tell one story are a mix of landscape and portrait orientation? I have developed the kind of style that prefers a single photo block on my pages so mixing the orientations can be challenging sometimes.

In the immortal words of Barney Stinson, “Challenge Accepted!”

Field Trip by Alison Day Designs Continue reading »

Dance! a double page layout by Alison Day Designs

Getting My Groove Back

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Make it Monday - pinkWelcome to Make It Monday!

This is a day that many of my fellow crafters take to share their latest creations, tips, inspiration, and tutorials with you. For a while now, every week, I’d stare at my computer screen in the days leading up to Monday and try to come up with something to share with you. And every week, I’d draw a blank.

You see, my mojo has been off. I had lost my crafting groove!

My photos and supplies have been piling up but I’ve had no idea what to do with them. I would move paper around, clean up my desk, sort through my scrap drawer, even organize my enamel dots. But nothing seemed to spark my creativity.

Now, there are many reasons why this is the case for me right now, none of which I will get into today. Maybe one day I’ll share, but today I want to talk about my Craft Cave! Continue reading »