New Mini Bundle from Scrapbook Bundles

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Copy of Coming Soon Products and Price

Your friends at Scrapbook Bundles are at it again! We’ve compiled a fantastic mini-bundle just for (Inter)National Scrapbook Day.

To give you a closer look at what’s inside the mini-bundle we are having this blog hop. There’s no particular order to complete it, and no penalties for not completing it! But if you do visit the Scrapbook bundles site plus all four contributing designers sites and leave comments, you’ll be entered to win a bundle!

Sound good? If you get lost head back to the Scrapbook Bundles site where the master list is!

Once again I am participating – I love coming up with new products for these bundles! This time it’s a fun art journal for you and your kids to create together. Continue reading »


LOAD516 – Let’s Get This Party Started!

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LOAD516 class image

Welcome to LOAD516!

It’s day number one and I am so excited to be the first Feature Scrapper of the month. Big shout out to Alice, our hostess with the mostess, Go To Gal Kelli, and all the rest of the Featured Scrappers. I know we are going to miss Lain but I also know that she has left us in such capable hands. Alice has awesome plans up her sleeves!!

So let’s get to it.

Today’s prompt was a lot of fun for me to tackle. I even made a cut file on my Silhouette for the occasion. You can see it and my layout come together in this video.

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Dissecting the #Momfail Attitude

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Words on Wednesday


How many times have you seen those hashtags used on social media this week? Today?

How many times have you used them?

A couple days ago my twelve year old daughter and I had a full on, screaming, door slamming, ugly cry-face fight that left me thinking in hashtags like these. It also left me quite shaken. So much so that it’s been impossible to think straight, make any headway on any creative tasks, and generally, left me feeling like a zombie. I’d love to be able to throw in some witty reference to The Walking Dead here but I don’t watch the show (because, ew!) so I’ll just say that caffeine is my best friend at the moment! And my iPhone calendar. Thank goodness somebody knows where I’m supposed to be at any given time!

The reasons behind the fight are unimportant (but for all you young people out there – coming to your parents at 11PM when they are just trying to catch up on a million hours of PVR’d shows they don’t have time to watch anymore because they’re always driving you and your sisters hither and yon, and you’re supposed to have gone to bed two hours before, to cry about how awful it is that there are so many stray cats and dogs in the world, is NOT A GOOD IDEA! ‘Nuff said!) but the aftermath will have repercussions for years. And hopefully not just for me!

Her comments of what a mean Mom I am don’t bug me. I am a mean Mom! Thank God! She’s the fantastic kid she is because I’m a mean Mom that believes in boundaries, early bedtimes and restrictions on the internet! Continue reading »

Grad 91 by Alison Day Designs

Working with a Medium Scale Patterned Background

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Design Principles header image

Forgive the delay in continuing my lessons on Design Principles but I wanted to share more of my “homework” with you.

Last week I talked about Scale and gave a homework assignment at the end of the post. I asked you to go through your stash and chose three sheets of 12×12 paper – one with a large scale pattern, one with a small scale pattern, and one with a pattern somewhere in between the two. Then grab items from your paper scrap bin that could be used with these 12×12 sheets to create layouts. Did you attempt this?

I’ve been doing this with my own stash and sharing my results with you. First I chose my papers, and then I created a layout with the small scale patterned background. Today I’d like to share the layout I created from my mid-sized pattern paper.

And here is the layout up close and personal. Again, don’t laugh! It was 1991 people!!

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Working with a Small Scale Pattern Background

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Design Principles header image

I’m back with the first of three process videos where I take you through my Scale Homework. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out my post from Saturday where I talk all about Scale and it should become clear. Then you can watch this video which takes you through my process in choosing my three patterns and the complimentary papers from my scrap bin that I collated to use when creating my layouts.

Small Scale Patterned Background

Clear as mud now? Here’s that layout. Continue reading »

Getting Ready to LOAD up!

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LOAD516 Banner

This is traditionally my day to write a Words on Wednesday post so I decided to take this opportunity to tell you all about my experience with LOAD.

What is LOAD?

LOAD is short for LayOut A Day and is a month long challenge in which the participants are emailed a daily prompt designed to help them create a new scrapbook layout every day. My first LOAD was May 2011 and I completed nine layouts. That probably doesn’t seem like a lot when it’s a challenge spanning 31 days (and 31 prompts) but considering I had three kids under the age of 6 in the house AND my husband and I got to go away for a whole week by ourselves, I’d say that was pretty good!

My next LOAD was in February 2012 and this time I finished 28 layouts. It was a leap year which means I missed one day somewhere but I think 28 out of 29 is pretty darn good! Here’s a look at my finished pile. Continue reading »