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Wrap It Up

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Welcome to the Creative Christmas Blog Hop! We hope you’ll enjoy a day of festive fun and inspiration as the Scrapbook Bundles designers showcase some of the products available in the Creative Christmas 2015 Bundle. Click through all the blogs before 11:59 PM EST and be sure to leave a comment on each and every one, because at the end of the hop ONE lucky “hopper” will win a complete bundle before you can even buy it! So grab a drink, flex your mouse-clickers, and relax. We’re going to bring you your most creative Christmas yet!

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Just Like Glitter in the Air by Alison Day - double page

Go Jump In a Leaf Pile Already!

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November. When did that happen?

Trees are bare. It’s dark by 5:30. The scarf and toque basket have replaced the sun hat basket.

Winter is just around the corner.

Sound familiar?

Currently my front lawn has a giant pile of leaves on it. I’m sure the girls are hoping to jump in them soon but the longer the pile sits there, the wetter and moldier the leaves become. As I looked at it this morning, on my way back from the school, I was reminded of this layout I had published last Fall in Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine. Continue reading »


Stash Secrets Every Pirate Should Know

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Ahoy there Mateys! Ruth “Parrot Charmer” Pimples ‘ere with a special LOAD post for ye.

By now ye no doubt got a pile o’ paper scraps from all yer layout makin’, right? Arr! Not a problem! Cast yer eyes on the video below for some ideas on corralin’ that mess!

Alison here as I can’t possibly keep up the pirate lingo!! Let’s recap:

1. 12×12 Paper Storage

12x12 paper storage racks

I scooped up these racks from a friend when she got out of the paper scrapbooks and went 100% digi. Can you say ‘score’?!

Not everyone has access to something like this I know but separating your 12×12 papers from your scraps can help you keep track of what you have to use up! For me, arranging them in rainbow colour order makes me happy and makes it super easy to grab the colour of paper I need.

2. 8.5×11 Paper Storage

8.5x11 paper storage

I make a lot of card so like to have a stash of 8.5×11 paper on hand for card fronts and bases. The easiest way I’ve found to store them so far is standing upright on a shelf. I can easily see what colours I have and grab what I need.

If you’re worried about them curling or getting bent, try putting them in those cardboard magazine holders places like IKEA sell.

3. Paper scraps

I’ve got two main places I keep my paper scraps.

paper scraps drawer - card stock in a separate bag

First up – this is my paper scraps drawer. It sits under my work surface so I can access it as I work. I’ve separated the card stock scraps from the patterned paper ones to make it easier to find exactly what type of scrap I need.

paper scraps drawer - patterned paper close up

I do not organize these scraps at all. Last used will be on top unless I’ve just been hunting through it then it’ll be completely random. When I can no longer close the drawer it’s time to sort through it all and get rid of scraps I know I will no longer use. They usually go to my three daughters (and then end up all over my family room floor but that’s a story for another day!)

Gossamer Blue kits paper scraps

The other place you’ll find scraps in my Scrap Cave is here – my Gossamer Blue paper scraps. To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m continuing to keep them separate like this. I guess when I get a new kit I prefer to reach into this stash if I need extras for my projects that the latest kit hasn’t supplied. That way when I post the layout to Flickr I know that all the products on it originally came from Gossamer Blue, even if they weren’t in that months kit.

4. 6×6 Paper Pads

6x6 paper pad storage

I think this is my favourite!

When I purchased my desk (Pottery Barn) back in 2008 I did not envision storing my 6×6 paper pads here (mostly because that was before I started scrapbooking) but when I went about re-doing it this past summer I knew these cubbies would be perfect for them! I can sit at my computer watching YouTube videos and work on some cards.

And every time I look at all those little pads of cuteness I smile! How can you not?

Okay, that’s it. That’s how I keep my Scrappy Stash corralled and working for me. How do YOU store your papers? Share in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

And if you liked this post and want to receive updates and other news from me please signup for my email list. Thanks everyone! Happy Scrapping!!

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Remember This?

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Today my family and I will be celebrating with my husband’s side and with our second turkey dinner of the weekend. Last night we were at my parents place for a lively gathering with 11 of the 14 cousins. I love that my kids can grow up with so many cousins close by. We were even blessed to have my two nieces visiting from Edmonton too. We have tired kiddos this morning but it was all worth it!

Needless to say, with two big family events and a soccer tournament thrown in for good measure (because, you know, why not),  I have nothing new to share with you today. Gasp! I know! I have a ton of projects on the go but nothing that’s ready to share yet. It must be a busy time for a lot of us as even our usual Make It Monday crew was committed elsewhere and so we have decided to take the week off. I promise we’ll be back next Monday!

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Gathering Supplies

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What do you get when you combine a prolific scrapbooker with an organized hoarder?


Oh, and a kit of supplies to create more than one baby album that will be harmonious from opening page to final layout. Check out today’s video to see what I mean.

As you can see I have enough supplies put aside to create all the layouts I need to for my youngest daughter’s First Year Album. And probably enough to do all the tweaks on my other two daughters albums too. Now I just need the time to do it all!

That’s all I have for you today. See you again soon!

Baby Album Philosophy

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Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday. What are you up to today? Me? I’m hanging out at the girls school all day. My eldest daughter is in Grade 6 which is when they go to an overnight camp. Which also means their parents get to work their butts off raising money to reduce the out of pocket costs for each family. How is it that the parents have to do all the work?!


Anyway, long story short, I get to spend all day at the school taking delivery of a GIANT frozen pies and cookie dough order and then organizing them and handing them out. I predict a giant glass of wine will be needed after dinner!!

But I didn’t want to leave you hanging so today I just have a quick video share for you. It’s the next step in my album reorganization. It’s also a tiny bit embarrassing to show you how neglected my poor youngest daughter is (not at all really!! That child is spoiled!!)

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